The Perfect Reader

Art, in general, is a subjective thing. Two people can look at the same painting, listen to the same song, watch the same movie, or read the same novel and get very different things out of the experience. I can’t speak for all artists, or even all novelists, but I know that there are certain things I very much want my readers to get out of my work.

For example, I have scenes that carry a lot of emotional weight for me. I’d like to think they have the same gut punch for my readers, but of course, I’m never going to know it unless readers reach out and tell me. To my great satisfaction, this does sometimes happen. And sometimes, you find that one reader who tells you all the things you want to hear… how all the scenes you love as a creator are the ones that writer loved the most, too. I call them Perfect Readers… the ones who react as though you wrote your story just for them.

As opposed to Easy Reader.

Several years ago, I received an email from a young man who’d just finished reading Wish You Were Here. He went on at length, listing all the things he loved about it. But then he mentioned the last paragraph of the novel. The final sentence, even. He said they were perfect. Exactly what he wanted. And this meant so much to me, because I can’t tell you how many times I revised that final paragraph until I felt it was exactly what I wanted, too.

Of all the readers who gave me feedback (whether in actual reviews or in personal emails), he was the only one who specifically mentioned the final passage. His email is one I’ll forever treasure. He was my first Perfect Reader.

More recently, I was chatting with a friend who’d just finished reading Redemption. I was asking him what he thought of certain scenes, including ones no one had mentioned in reviews or emails. “What did you think of the airport scene?” I asked him.

“Omigod,” he said. “That was intense. I about cried.”

“Good,” I said. “‘Cuz I cried while writing it.”

Perfect Readers. I hope all you writers out there can find at least one.

Posted by vmwales